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Thu 21 March 2019
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 Genealogy - Scottish Ancestors, Wester Ross
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If there is anybody out there researching the names MacRae and Murchison i would like a little help with some info if you can please.My Great granparents were John MacDonald and Hannah MacRae,at a guess born around 1877.Parents to these (My Great Great Granparents) were Donald Macrae 1850 and Janet Murchison c1850.My Gran is from Dorney and used to play around the castle as a child.Thanks for any help.....Tommy

Query posted by : Tommy Boyle

23 Apr 2012 at 19.01
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I have been doing occasional research into my family tree and I think I may have found a link to your query about the Macraes and Murchisons.
My grand mother was called Julia Macrae. She came from Glenshiel. She had a brother Duncan and two sisters Ellen and Hannah. Hannah according to my research was born in 1876. Hannah was my great aunt. Their parents, my great grand parents, were Donald Macrae (1844 - 1923) and Janet Murchison (1843-1930. My grandmother, Julia lived in Dingwall and died in 1954. Her sister, my aunt Ellen lived in Glenboig, near Glasgow. We used to go and visit her when I was a child. I don't know when she died. I didn't know that she had a brother Duncan and a sister Hannah until I was doing my recent research.If this is the same Hannah, then we must be distantly related! Hope my info is of some help. J Macleod

Reply posted by : Julia MacLeod

14 Sep 2012 at 16.16
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