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Thu 13 December 2018
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 Genealogy - Scottish Ancestors, Rest of Scotland
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I am looking for more information on John Og Macrae who married Barbara Macrae, daughter of Farquhar Macrae. John was born about 1682 and had four girls, Isabella, Christina, Catherine, and Helen, and a son Kenneth. Itis the son I am interested in getting more information on.
First, why is there a question mark in front of his name? Second, who was his wife? And third, it is mentioned that he had a son John, born abt. 1778. Can anyone give me more information on Kenneth or his son John and where the information came from?

Query posted by : Diane McRae

15 Feb 2004 at 11.47
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I am tracing my family tree. The McRaes of Inverness. Alexander McRae c 1800 who Married Mary MacKenzie they had at least one child that I know of he to was Alexander and Married Mary Cameron. They had a son John McRae who married Caroline Pratt in 1884 in Inverness. There son John Married Jessie Forsyth. They had 3 daughters and 4 sons. Can you help?

Reply posted by : Helen Kemp

8 Sep 2004 at 19.56
I am interested in the same family you are. I am inquiring about the daughter Isabella who married Alex. McRae. I am also interested in the son Kenneth? which you mention.

1) Isabella and Alex. had several children, one named FLORA b. abt. 1784. Other children were: Duncan, Donald, Christina, Mary, Margaret, Alexander, John, Farquhar, and Barbara.

2) The son ?Kenneth intrigues me because I am also looking at a Kenneth MacRae, parents unknown, who married a MacRae lady, and also had a daughter named FLORA abt. the same time frame.

Some knowledge as to who either FLORA married might lead me in a good direction. Hopefully, one of these FLORAs is the one who married Colin Chisholm, grandson of Colin of Sheriffmuir, Culloden and the '45.

Thank you anyone for any help you can give.

Reply posted by : Pj Chisholm

13 Nov 2005 at 19.23
Hi, I know this is several years later, but I have some information about that family. Kenneth MacRae was born about 1752 and died about 1783. His wife, Sarah Mackenzie, traveled to the US after Kenneth died with their two sons (John B and Duncan) with her new husband Daniel "Long" MacRae. Kenneth is sometimes confused with his second cousin twice removed, also named Kenneth MacRae (son of Farquhar "Last of Inverinate" MacRae). This Kenneth is the son of John Og MacRae and Barbara MacRae. Both Kenneth's are descended from Alexander (Alastair) "5th of Inverinate" MacRae. Farquhar's son married Miss MacKay in Jamaica and died without having children. Please let me know if you have any more information about the family or any questions.

Reply posted by : Emilee McRae

7 Dec 2013 at 18.32
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