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Thu 13 December 2018
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 Genealogy - Scottish Ancestors, Rest of Scotland
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Does MacRea clan still come under the umbrella of MacRae? Can someone please let me know?

Query posted by : David Rea

22 Apr 2012 at 02.16
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This is what it say's on the facts page :
Variants Mac is gaelic for "son" (with "mic" for "daughter"). Mc & M' are recognised abbreviations for "Mac", therefore "Rae", "Macrae", "Mcrae", and "M'Rae" are all correct examples of the name.
Crae, Cree, Macara, MacAree, Macarra, MacCara, MacCarra, MacCarres, MacCary, MacChray, MacCra, MacCrae, MacCraie, MacCraith, MacCrath, MacCraw, MacCray, MacCrea, MacCreath, MacCree, MacCreich, MacCreiff, MacCreith, MacCrie, MacCrow, MacCroy, MacGra, MacGrae, Macgrath, Macgraw, MacGreagh, Machray, Mackereth, MacKra, MacKrae, MacKraith, MacKray, MacKrayth, MacKree, MacKrie, Macra, Macrach, MacRad, MacRae, MacRah, MacRaht, Macraith, Macrath, MacRau, Macraw, Macray, MacRe, MacRea, MacReath, MacReay, MacRee, MacReith, MacReth, MacRey, Macrie, MacRoe, MacRow, MacRoy, MacWray, Magrath, Makcra, Makcreith, Makcrie, Makerathe, Makra, Makraa, Makrath, Makreith, Rae, Raith, Ray, Rea, Reath, Reay, Ree, Reith, Reithe, Rethe, Reyth, Wrae, Wray.

Reply posted by : Margaret Moore

22 Apr 2012 at 17.21
Thankyou Margaret:)I am in Australia where my 3rd great grandfather changed his surname from Rea to Rae. I can only go back as far as 1759 with my scotland Rea's whom were from Dundee and Kirriemuir. I'm finding it really hard to find kin or any further information but im sure im not alone. I am really curious where my particular line of Rea's come from. I had a dna test which shows ancient origins from a small seaside village in Norway, thats pretty exciting!

Reply posted by : David Rea

23 Apr 2012 at 05.41
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