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Thu 13 December 2018
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 Genealogy - Scottish Ancestors, Rest of Scotland
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I am particularly interested in finding out how the "McCrae" version of the name arrived in Scotland. At present I am assuming that it came in to Scotland by way of the South West of Scotland and came later than the original settling in the north. However this is just supposition at present and if anyone knows better or can confirm this line of thought, I would be grateful to hear from them.
with thanks
Martin McCrae

Query posted by : Martin McCrae

24 Aug 2003 at 18.20
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I have been told by Ian McCrae of Aust. (during the 2000 Gathering)that that is the correct spelling.
I have also been told the name came from Ireland!
At the Eilean Donan Book store I purchased "the Macraes - the origins of the Clan Macrae and their place in Scotland's history". This book states "The Macrae clan trace their ancestry back to the Celts and Ireland."
page 15: Maurice Macrath -4 sons,John,-connected with MacKenzies;Christopher,settled in Brahan;Duncan,Argyleshire;& Finlay,joined John in
Kintail. Does any of this help??? Lonnie

Reply posted by : Lavora Mc Crae Setaro

31 May 2004 at 03.04
Martin - I have done considerable work on the matter of spellings, including SW Scotland. I agree with what you say, except that I believe that many McCraes of SW Scotland go just as far back as in the Highlands.

Reply posted by : Jtmjohn

27 Feb 2005 at 20.54
to jtmjohn.
thanks for the post.I would be grateful if we could deepen this as I am keen to understand the movement of McCrae's of this spelling into South West Scotland as my family appear to have finally ended up in Glasgow. I need to take time out to pursue this but business commitments at present leave me short of time so if you have any information about this movement and its timing ( i.e. from Ireland to Scotland I would be grateful.
with thanks
Martin McCrae

Reply posted by : Martin McCrae

5 Mar 2005 at 20.25
Martin - I would be pleased to send you my latest Newsletter. Please e-mail me at It addresses the subject of spellings, and SW Scotland.

Reply posted by : Jtmjohn

6 Mar 2005 at 20.15
I have always thought that the McCrae was the Irish form of the name. Our name was spelled McRae in Scotland then in Canada my gr grandfather had an Irish teacher and she had him spell his name McCrae.

Reply posted by : Mary Burrows

10 Feb 2006 at 07.15
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