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Sat 16 February 2019
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 Genealogy - Scottish Ancestors, Rest of Scotland
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Can anyone tell me anything please about the Raes of Kirkcaldy? Especially Alexander Rae, a Farm Labourer who married Elizabeth McCulloch, possibly in 1776, certainly before a son John was born in 1802/3? His grandson Alexander was born 14 Jun 1829, but who was another Alexander Rae , born 16 April 1825 to a James Rae and Helen McCulloch? All in Kirkcaldy.
Does dropping the Mac suggest they might have fled the Highlands in 1746, or anything else to anyone please? Jeremy Burnett Rae

Query posted by : Jeremy Burnett Rae

27 Aug 2003 at 23.41
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Unfortunately I hav,nt traced my family far back enough to help you. But me,my father ,James Rae, his father, andrew Rae have all lived in kirkcaldy all our days. There is another family of Rae,s that I know of. But I only know 1 of them, whom I was at school with. His name is Stuart Rae. Aged 44 as am I. Hope this helped some.

Reply posted by : Scott Rae

10 Jan 2013 at 18.58
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