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Sun 9 August 2020
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A team from the University of Central London have analysed the origins of more than 500,000 surnames in Britain, North America, Australia and New Zealand. The result is the Surname Profiler available via the Spatial Literacy website which uses data from the 1881 census and the 1998 electoral roll.

The following is an interesting summary of the MacRae/McRae name and how corresponding attributes have changed over the 117 year period. Other variations of the name have been omitted for simplicity, but can be looked up on the website.

Rather unsurprisingly, the McRae/MacRae surname has its origins in Scotland, although only 8.8% of MacRaes and 3.4% of McRaes were given a forename that is considered to be of Scottish origin, the majority being from England. The total number of MacRaes in the UK increased from 2349 in 1881 to 3040 in 1998, whilst the number of McRaes dropped significantly from 4668 to 2058 over the same period.

The Inverness area was the place in 1881 with the most MacRaes and McRaes, but by 1998, the Harris area saw the most MacRaes and the Aberdeen area the most McRaes. Density of names can be seen in the maps at the bottom of the page.

Similarly around the world, the most MacRaes in Australia in 1998 were in the Northern Territory, Northland province in New Zealand and Massachussets in the United States. The most McRaes in Australia were in the Australian Capital Territory, Southland in New Zealand and North Carolina in the US.

Finally, an assessment of how 'rural' and how 'high-status' each surname is has uncovered that 21% of people have a more rural name than MacRae and 89% more rural than McRae, whilst only 4% of people have a higher-status name that MacRae and 37% higher-status than McRae.

Research: University of Central London.
Data provider: University of Essex, Experian Ltd.

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