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Mon 28 September 2020
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Clan Name MacRae
Source From the ancient gaelic Macrath
Meaning Son of Grace
Patronymic Macrath
Lands Beauly, Kintail
Seat Inverinate
Slogan Fortitudine (meaning 'With fortitude')
War Cry "Sgurr Uaran"
Crest Badge A dexter (right) hand grasping a sword, all proper
Pipe music The Macrae's March
Founder Fionnla Dubh Mac Gillechriosd (Black Finlay, the son of Christopher)
Variants Mac is gaelic for "son" (with "mic" for "daughter"). Mc & M' are recognised abbreviations for "Mac", therefore "Rae", "Macrae", "Mcrae", and "M'Rae" are all correct examples of the name.

Crae, Cree, Macara, MacAree, Macarra, MacCara, MacCarra, MacCarres, MacCary, MacChray, MacCra, MacCrae, MacCraie, MacCraith, MacCrath, MacCraw, MacCray, MacCrea, MacCreath, MacCree, MacCreich, MacCreiff, MacCreith, MacCrie, MacCrow, MacCroy, MacGra, MacGrae, Macgrath, Macgraw, MacGreagh, Machray, Mackereth, MacKra, MacKrae, MacKraith, MacKray, MacKrayth, MacKree, MacKrie, Macra, Macrach, MacRad, MacRae, MacRah, MacRaht, Macraith, Macrath, MacRau, Macraw, Macray, MacRe, MacRea, MacReath, MacReay, MacRee, MacReith, MacReth, MacRey, Macrie, MacRoe, MacRow, MacRoy, MacWray, Magrath, Makcra, Makcreith, Makcrie, Makerathe, Makra, Makraa, Makrath, Makreith, Rae, Raith, Ray, Rea, Reath, Reay, Ree, Reith, Reithe, Rethe, Reyth, Wrae, Wray.

TartanSee Tartans page

To see how the the population of MacRae/McRae people has changed since 1881, see the Surname Profile page.

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